Multiflex Girder Slab Formwork

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  • Girder slan formwork consisting of main and cross beams for the formlining of choice
  • Project-specific selection of the formwork girders and their spacing
  • For slab thicknesses of up to 100cm with GT 24 Formwork Girders, for slab thicknesses up to 50cm with VT 20k Formwork Girders
  • Adapting the individual component weights in accordance with the boundary conditions
  • Free choice of shoring
  • No infill areas due to project-specific planning
  • Tilt-resistant support of the cross beams on the main beams through the use of Flexclips
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The main components of the Multiflex are the VT 20k or GT 24 Formwork Girder. As the main and cross beams, their position and spacing as well as the formlining can be freely selected; Multiflex provides maximum flexibility for a wide range of requirements. If the high load-bearing GT24 Formwork Girder are used, large spans for the main and cross beams can be realized. Multiflex is therefore the ideal solution for complicated grounds plans, slabs with offsets.

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