GT 24 Formwork Girder

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  • Universal wooden formwork girder with a 24cm overall height for wall, column and slab formwork, for setting of stopend formwork on slab edges special applications
  • 18 standard lengths from 0.90m to 6.00m in 30cm increments, extra long lengths up to 17.85m on request
  • Weight: 5.90kg/m
  • Permissible bending force: 28.00kN
  • Permissible bending moment: 7.00kNm
  • Bending stiffness: Elx=887 kNm2 lx=8.064 cm4
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The GT 24 formwork girder provides a high load-bearing capacity and rigidity. During use in wall, column slab formwork systems or with special formwork, material usage and workload can therefore be reduced with the girder.

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