Equipment Engineers, Inc. (EE) has a complete line of products with a wide range of applications that cater to petroleum companies, from underground pipework and containment systems to nozzles and hoses for gasoline stations.

Franklin Fueling Systems is comprised of the industry’s most extensive lines of fueling product solutions including: dispensing systems (HEALY™), fuel management systems (INCON™), piping & containment (APT™/UPP™), submersible pumping systems (FE Petro™), service station hardware & transport systems (EBW™ & FLEX-ING™).

Franklin delivers unparalleled simplicity: one order, one point of contact, one service team and one consolidated shipment.

Whether you want to build or update your station according to the latest regulations or realize a more cost efficient, automated site operation, you can rely on Franklin Fueling Systems. In addition to the industry's most comprehensive product offering, Franklin Fueling Systems provides:

Petrol Service Stations, Tank Farm

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CETCO® offers solutions for commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction challenges worldwide. We provide expertise in transforming minerals and polymers into technologies that improve productivity and performance. From technical problem-solving to on-site supervision CETCO® consults with customers to develop long-term solutions. We've been called the geeks of waterproofing and we're proud of that. Whether we're creating new, more cost-effective products with the same performance as expensive alternatives, or we're introducing premium products that lead the industry, we're doing so with our customers success in mind.

Backed by the resources of one of the world's largest mineral company – Minerals Technology Inc., CETCO® features a wide variety of active and passive waterproofing membrane technologies for use in protecting the building envelope above and below grade. Our diverseproduct offering and total system approach are designed to accommodate the varied conditions encountered during construction, ensuring your waterproofing system performs properly in the unique conditions of your project. With more than 50 years of waterproofing technology experience, CETCO® is known worldwide for quality, performance and reliability.

CETCO® has strategically positioned our people, manufacturing and research facilities to ensure that we exceed the needs of our clients. Backed by our team of experts in the labs and in the field, we provide peace of mind so that your project is successful in every phase from planning to completion. For the engineers, architects and consultants who know us, know that our global sales and technical support teams can guide them through any project — from design assistance and product selection to installation support and warranties — no matter how challenging the project.

CETCO® waterproofing solutions, products, and services manage risk for all parties of the construction team through our innovative HydroShield™ Quality Assurance Program - a proven systematic approach resulting in the most comprehensive water protection in the industry.

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BOSTIK PHILIPPINES, INC., formerly GLOBAL BRANDS CO., INC. (GBCI), is the leader in mastic waterproofing products and product assembly adhesives in the Philippines. It was formed on December 2005, as a result of the acquisition of BOSTIK.

With an annual turnover of PHP 2.03Billion in 2013, at the forefront of the business are its dominant market leading brands, Super Vulcaseal Elastomeric Sealant and the Original Rugby Contact Adhesive, and the BOSTIK brands.

Aside from its lead brands, the company is focused in growing its new product lines such as waterproofing, epoxies, addmixtures, construction adhesives, and consumer products.

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Penetron International Ltd is recognized as an international leader in the field of concrete waterproofing protection, and repair. Over the past 20 years, Penetron products have established its reputation by meeting the most demanding job specifications around the globe, from the semi-arctic rigors of Norway and Russia to the torrid extremes of Saudi Arabia. Today, Penetron joins forces with EE in advancing its products in the Philippine Market. Its cementitious capillary waterproofing products are formulations consisting of common cement, special grade quartz sand, and multiple activating chemicals that provide the most effective permanent concrete waterproofing.

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MCT Inc. focuses in bringing the nanofied™ products to the hands of businesses and end-users, packaged, presented and positioned in a way familiar to all. nanofied™ is a natural and eco-friendly technology which can be used to protect almost any surface from multimedia devices, inside motor vehicles, in surgical theatres, in your homes and businesses.

Through our German partner's extensive research and development, we have a range of NANOFIED™Products each one targeting the specific needs for their respective industries.

Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd. is one of the world's top ten paint manufacturers with manufacturing sites in over 43 countries across the world. The company has grown into Japan's largest and most progressive manufacturer of Decorative, Automotive, Industrial, Protective and Marine Coatings. Today, the company enjoys a well-established position as Japan's No. 1 and one of the world's top ten paint manufacturers.

Corrosion Prevention Technology to Ensure Long-lasting Service
Corrosion prevention technology contributes to society by protecting all steel structures such as large plants for natural resource development, process plants, ships, sea-going containers, bridges, and port facilities. Kansai protective coatings can provide a reliable protection for these structures to withstand severe environmental conditions for years. Through long years of continuous research and development, Kansai Paint has been successfully marketing its protective coatings globally while meeting versatile requirements.

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Founded in 1902, The Manitowoc Company, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of cranes and lift solutions with 49 manufacturing, distribution, and service facilities in 20 countries. Manitowoc is recognized as one of the premier innovators and providers of crawler cranes, tower cranes, and mobile cranes for the heavy construction industry, which are complemented by a slate of industry-leading aftermarket product support services. In 2015, Manitowoc's revenues totaled $1.9 billion, with over half of these revenues generated outside the United States.

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Atlas Copco was established in 1873 in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a world-leading provider of industrial productivity solutions. With product and services range from compressors, generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools and assembly systems, Atlas Copco delivers sustainable solutions for increased productivity through innovative product and services.

Headquartered in Sweden, the Group's global reach spans more than 170 countries. With more than 40,000 employees, the estimated annual revenue in 2014 was BEUR10.5 Atlas Copco (Phils.), Inc. was incorporated in April 1, 1967 and is a subsidiary of Atlas Copco A.B.

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ADTO Group is a leading manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding products in China. Since setting up its first company division and head office in Changsha, China in 1998, ADTO Group now has grown to be a multi-regional company owning 4 manufacturing bases and 8 branches in Tianjin, Hubei, Jiangxi and Nanjing. Equipped with the world first-class standard production line, ADTO Group annually manufactures approximately 190,000 tons of scaffolds and the sales volume reaches 1.5 billion US Dollars.

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Peri-Asia Philippines, Inc. is a Philippine corporation wholly owned by Peri GmbH, a corporation organized under the laws of Germany.

The Peri Group has over 40 years of experience in the area of Formwork, Scaffolds and Engineering. Below is an overview of the Peri Group's services:

For each concrete structure and component, Peri provides the most suitable formwork system. The portfolio fully meets the global requirements of different construction methods and boundary conditions.

Peri scaffolding can be used for a wide range of applications. Regardless whether it is frame or modular scaffold, the great flexibility leads to a high level of material utilization.

For Peri, engineering not only means product development and technical planning. In particular, Peri engineering stands for the detailed examination and optimization of integral processes in the areas of formwork and scaffolding.

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Woodworth Enterprises is a company devoted in manufacturing and selling quality wood products.

Since its establishment in the dawn of the new millennium, Woodworth Enterprises continues its excellence in the production of new and custom- designed wooded products: doors, cabinet and closet doors, windows, kitchen sets, living room sets, bathroom sets and bedroom sets.

Woodworth Enterprises ensures the high quality of wood products done in the wood factory located in Angeles, Pampanga. It also has a retail shop located in MC Home Depot, Ortigas, Pasig City where clients could order the wood products at reasonable prices.

Advanced Optronic Devices ( AOD ) is a world leading manufacturer of professional Indoor & Outdoor LED Lightings with a network of 26 subsidiaries worldwide and it is now available in the Philippines.

AOD's professional indoor/ outdoor lighting includes street lights, high mast lights, flood lights, highbay lights etc..

AOD has extensive experience in providing energy saving solutions to numerous businesses and large corporations worldwide, with propositions that could be extremely valuable to the business and premises.

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"HICOR" is a trademark brand used by the company to stand behind its commitment to quality. Our product lines include roller, bumper, dock fenders, bearing pads, water stop, lining for chemical resistance, suspension elements, seals and gaskets, moulded or extruded products, etc., serving the industrial, agricultural, mining, milling, construction of ports and bridges, shipping and automotive sectors. The company also fabricates machinery parts which often involved rubber compound requiring resistance to weather, ozone, oil, heat, chemical, abrasion, compression, etc. And if the customer requires strict conformity to its specifications, HICOR has been the only rubber manufacturer certified by Lloyds Register of London to manufacture and supply container van door gaskets internationally. Also, its rubber dock fenders and bearing pads were tested and approved by the Dept. of Science and Technology (DOST), Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), Dept. of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Dept. of Transportation and communication and numerous projects nationwide. This is one of the many reasons expert engineers and consultants highly recommend HICOR Rubber Dock Fenders.

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Topgun Industrial and General Merchandise Corporation was established in 2004 and engaged mainly in the business of import, trading and the distribution of special welding rods, filters, bolts and nuts, lighting fixtures and appurtenances on a wholesale and retail basis. Topgun, as it is today, is primarily known for its specialized welding rods. Topgun supplies the best quality welding products carrying the Topwelds brand welding material that is widely used in the industrial field such as in cement plants, power plants, steel plants and in the construction of bridges, railroads and other steel structures. Topgun offers a range of welding electrodes and welding products such as metal arc electrodes, flux coated and carbon (CO2) welding electrodes, electrodes for weathering steel, electrodes for silver, thermit welding kits and welding machines for thermit welding.

Daesan Inotec is the leading manufacturer in electric chain hoist, chain block, lever hoist, trolley, and wire rope winch in Korea for the last three years. Its manual hoist became the number one quality material handling product in Korea distributing more than 80,000 units of it annually.

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Ishida Philippines Grating Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of steel gratings under the brand name of Taihei Grating, one of the leading products of Ishida Ironwork Co., Ltd. Other Products: gutter covers, flooring panels, stair panels, Y-bar grating ditch covers, stainless steel, stainless steel forming grating, and punching board. Industry Application: Highways, Pedestrians, Factories, Harbors, Airports, and Roads.

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Alarm Systems Corporation is a company specializing in the field of fire detection, suppression, foam, and security systems. The company offers design, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services adapted to specific customer requirements. It represents Angus Fire, Kidde Fire Protection, and Honeywell Security.

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DSPA is an international producer and supplier of highly effective and innovative aerosol potassium fire suppressing and extinguishing systems. Its systems are used throughout the world for multiple applications such as fixed extinguishing systems. It is also used by first responders and firefighters for immediate response.

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