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Who We Are

Being in the service for more than 40 years, Equipment Engineers, Inc., a subsidiary of the Philippines' leading construction company, EEI Corporation, has been a notable provider and importer of quality equipment and systems in the country. With its diverse range of industrial equipment and systems, EE serves the other sectors of the economy: heavy industries, oil and petroleum industries, manufacturing industries, construction industries and other businesses.

EE Product Collection

Equipment Engineers, Inc. (EE) has an extensive line of products from waterproofing, coatings, fueling systems, down to the construction equipment and tools and superstore.


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Our services include general building construction services with PCAB License in General Building Catergory A; above and below grade waterproofing works and tunneling for buildings and infrastructures; floor coating, architectural and industrial painting works; installation, repair and preventive maintenance of mechanical equipment -- construction manlift, overhead cranes and tower lights; electrofusion welding of UPP; and vacuum testing of overhead tank and dispenser sumps.

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